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Design Consultation Package
Company Event Planning 

Our Design Consultation package is specifically tailored to work closely with your company's HR department to plan and execute a successful company event. With our expertise in event planning and design, we will collaborate with your team to create a comprehensive timeline, provide vendor recommendations, curate a list of rental items needed, and offer guidance on items to be purchased. Our dedicated support includes being available to answer any questions throughout the planning process, ensuring a seamless and memorable event experience.

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Wall of ideas
Initial Consultation
  • Comprehensive discussion to understand your event objectives and requirements

  • Assessment of your budget, timeline, and preferences

  • Review of any existing plans or ideas

Thrift Shop
Event Design & Theme Development
  • Collaborative brainstorming and concept development

  • Creative guidance to establish a cohesive design and theme

  • Recommendations for decor elements, color schemes, and overall ambiance

  • Assistance in selecting a suitable venue that aligns with the desired theme

Flow Chart
Timeline Creation
  • Development of a detailed timeline outlining the planning process and key milestones

  • Scheduling of tasks and deadlines to ensure a smooth and well-organized event

  • Coordination with vendors and suppliers to align their services with the timeline

  • Regular updates and adjustments to the timeline as needed

Package Benefits

  • Professional event planning expertise and guidance

  • Collaborative design process to bring your vision to life

  • Streamlined timeline creation and management

  • Access to a curated list of reputable vendors

  • Assistance in selecting rental items and purchasing needs

  • Peace of mind with ongoing support and expert advice

  • Optimal utilization of budget and resources

  • Seamless coordination and execution of your company event

Note: The package can be further customized to include additional services such as event branding, marketing, RSVP management, on-site coordination, and post-event evaluation, based on your specific requirements and budget.

Contact our team today to schedule a design consultation and let us transform your company event into an extraordinary experience!

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Let's Connect!

We'd love to learn more about your corporate event to see how we can best serve you! 

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